A mere statement of intention re fickus 1900

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-a statement expressing intention -a statement supplying information -an invitation to treat -mere puff or boast. RE Fickus - father informed future son in law that daughter would inherit under his will.

HELD - was just a statement of intent at the time - not bound by words at the time as may have changed mind. invitation to treat. An express statement that a declaration isn't an offer is effective to prevent it being an offer7, but the mere use of the terminology 'invitation to treat' or 'offer' in.

An express statement that a declaration isn't an offer is effective to prevent it being an offer7, but the mere use of the terminology 'invitation to treat' or 'offer' in. OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE. Offer or Proposal. Mere statement of Intention: A declaration by a person that he has the intentions to do something does not amount to an offer.

Business Law, 8th Edition

The person making the declaration will not be liable to the person who has suffered some loss because of relaince on the delcared intention.

(Farina V. Fickus) ( Full text of "Butterworths' ten years' digest of reported cases, to ; a digest of reported cases decided in the Supreme and other courts during the years toincluding a copious selection of reported cases decided in the Irish and Scotch courts.

A mere statement of intention re fickus 1900
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