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The RAFTs Technique What is it? This is a great strategy that integrates reading and writing in a non-traditional way. It asks that students take what they have read and create a new product that illustrates their depth of understanding; it may be used with fiction or nonfiction texts. The format is incredibly.

History & RAF Chapel Over the past 40 years, this famous Airport has steadily changed from being a busy RAF base into a commercial regional airport. The historic ties are remembered annually at the RAF Chapel which is open to the public. Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler emigrated to South Africa in July While they were looking for a suitable home they lived at Dawson's Hotel, Johannesburg.

This photograph shows the hotel at the corner of Von Brandis and President Street as it is today. Feast of St Thérèse our Patron Saint GOSPEL: Matthew Here at St Theresa’s Parish on this Sunday the 30th September we have brought forward the Feast of St Thérèse our Patron Saint and celebrated 33 years of the inauguration of the Parish here at Biggin Hill.

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Biggin hill history-raft writing assignment
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