Citrix netscaler rewrite action potential

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Citrix NetScaler Traffic Management

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StoreFront + FAS: You cannot login using smart card

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Use SAML Attributes in Policy Expressions

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In a previous blog I wrote about adding a footer to the NetScaler gateway. Since that post Citrix included the RfWebUI theme Since that post Citrix included the RfWebUI theme Citrix has posted a support article how to add a footer to this theme.

Create a rewrite policy and ensure the Action points to the one created in step Bind the rewrite policy to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server along with the traffic and session policies. Pros: I have been using Netscaler/ Citrix for the past 3 years at my place of employment. It is user- friendly, and I like being able to log on to my work files at home.

We use Citrix throughout New York and Florida- and it's beneficial being able to view the shared drive among offices. Migrating Load Balancer Configuration from Citrix NetScaler to NGINX Plus Note: Some scripts and policies are indeed too complex to implement easily with the NGINX configuration language, but there are dynamic modules for NGINX and NGINX Plus that enable scripting in Lua, Perl, and JavaScript (with the NGINX JavaScript module in NGINX Plus.

Lab: Part 17 – Optimize and secure StoreFront load balancing with NetScaler (Internal)

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Citrix netscaler rewrite action potential
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