Computer supported collaborative writing activities

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Some of this task focused on more delicate areas such as systemic-functional linguisticspromising educationexperiental scaffoldingand psycholinguistics. computer supported cooperative work, which is the name of a conference and which seems only to address research into experimental systems and the nature of workplaces and organizations doing "work", as opposed, say, to play or war.

With the advent of electronic networking, writing pedagogy has moved into the arena of computer-supported collaborative writing, using collaborative writing as an instructional means to promote a more social view of the writing process. Focusing on single writing activities will lead to a collaborative system that is inappropriate for the task.

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Writing research can provide information for the design of computer systems-- how software might be developed to support a range of writing strategies [ 50, 8 ].

In computer-supported collaborative learning environments, there is evidence that cultural background may impact learner motivation, attitude towards learning and e-learning, learning preference (style), computer usage, learning behavior and strategies, academic achievement, communication, participation, knowledge transfer, sharing and collaborative learning.

supported collaborative writing system introduces into co-authors’ practices, and, discusses implications for the design of collaborative tools for writing.

The analysis is grounded in user. The objective of the research project ‘Computer Support for Collaborative and Argumentative Writing’ (the COSAR project) was to study the relation between the collaborative processes and support of the planning process in argumentative writing.

Computer supported collaborative writing activities
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