Elements of curriculam

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Elements of curriculum

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Traditionally curriculum included two elements: content and examination (Harden and Stamper, ).

Key elements and relationships in curriculum

According to Burton & McDonald () it is difficult to provide a simple dictionary definition for this term because of its complex nature.

Elements/Components of Curriculum 1. ELEMENTS/COMPONENTS OF THE CURRICULUM 2. • The nature of the elements and the manner in which they are organized may comprise which we call a curriculum design. SCHOOLING VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1, 1 Key Components of a Curriculum Plan: Objectives, Content, and Learning Experiences Fred C.

Lunenburg Sam Houston State University. Feb 20,  · Elements/Components of the Curriculum The nature of the elements and the manner in which they are organized may comprise which we call a curriculum design.

Component 1: Curriculum Aims, Goals and Objectives Aims: Elementary, Secondary, and Tertiary Goals: School Vision and Mission. In education, a curriculum (/ k Some influential definitions combine various elements to describe curriculum as follows: Kerr defines curriculum as, "All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside of school.".

Elements of curriculumDEO K. TABORA JOSE MARI PINGOL set. Goals and Objectives Aims: Elementary. characterization jkaireland.com nature of 5/5(1).

Elements of curriculam
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What are the basic elements of curriculum