Flood in jakarta

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Flooding in Jakarta

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Floods and forced evictions in Jakarta

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Shortcomings say they have received more than others of flooding across Van. The mini has fared better this time according. The Provincial Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Jakarta predicts that Indonesia's capital city may be plagued by a big flood in February One of the main problem of flood that happens in Jakarta is the shallow surface because the sediment volume on the riverbed, so the ability of water to intercept and retain water is decreasing significantly, therefor dredging and managing river bank area is necessary for river management sustainability.

The floods that struck Jakarta and surrounding districts earlier this month not only caused massive displacement but also put more thanchildren at risk of contracting deadly diseases.

In response, UNICEF and the Indonesian Government jumpstarted an immunization campaign, during which doctors, nurses and other health workers have gone.

Indonesia: Widespread flooding hits Jakarta

Some government agencies at the national and sub-national levels, including the Jakarta government, appear to be increasingly aware of the significant social and economic impacts that flooding can have, and are starting to take steps to reduce risks and mitigate impacts.

Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia located in the delta of Ciliwung river. This city suffers annual flooding with some serious damage for certain extreme rainfall events, especially occurring at the upper parts of the Ciliwung watershed. Other pictures of flooded Jakarta: The above photo is the scene of Jakarta’s famous Bundaran HI landmark where Indonesians organized a Gangnam Style flash mob just a few months ago.

A video showing the current flood situation in Jakarta.

Flood in jakarta
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