Hbs debt policy at ust inc

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Debt Policy at UST Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Debt Policy at UST Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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UST, Inc. is a very profitable smokeless tobacco firm with low debt compared to other firms in the tobacco industry. ANALYSIS ON CAPITAL STRUCTURE, DIVIDEND POLICY & WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS OF An Introduction to Debt Policy and Value Capital Structure Capital structure capital structure Debt Policy At Ust Inc Debt Policy at UST Financial structure and debt summary Introduction to Debt Policy Making Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure Decisions SPC.

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An Introduction to Debt Policy and Value (V. 0) Case Solution & Analysis

Case 1 – Debt Policy at UST Inc. 1) UST is the dominant producer of moist smokeless tobacco, or moist snuff, controlling approximately 77% of the market.

The adjustment of the matter is the recent decision of the UST to significantly change its policy of debt by borrowing $ 1 billion to fund its share repurchase program.

by Mark Mitchell Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 14 pages. May 10 release date. Prod #: PDF .

Hbs debt policy at ust inc
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UST Corporation: investment, risk, and debt