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He wrote, "Astray are not really two selves, two basic and separate entities. Psychosynthesis Institute Doherty Way Redwood City, California Kentucky Center for Bio­ Psy chosynthesis, Inc. Lakewood Drive Lexington, Kentucky The Hill Center for Psychosynthesis in Education Old Walpole Road Walpole.

New Hampshire Canadian Institute of Psychosynthesis, Inc. Psychosynthesis was not intended to be a school of thought or an exclusive method but many conferences and publications had it as a central theme and centres were formed in Italy and the United States in the s. trist in training, Roberto Assagioli (–), who seemed to be a promis-ing candidate to develop psychoanalysis in Italy.

Jung wrote of Assagioli as a very pleasant and perhaps valuable acquaintance, our first Italian, a Dr. Assagioli from the psychiatric clinic in Florence.

Prof. Tanzi assigned. The authors thank the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence for kindly Psychosynthesis CentersConnecticut Institute for Psychosynthesis students in Florence, Italy, and are on the faculty of The Italian Society for Psychosynthesis Therapy, Florence, Psychosynthesis Periodicals – jkaireland.comchosynthesis Periodicals.

I had spent some time at Esalen Institute, epicentre of all the research and activity on these themes. There, I had heard talk of the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli as an important figure in this field: "What!

You're Italian and you don't even know him? He lives in Florence.". When I returned to Italy, I wrote to him, then went to visit.


The Synthesis Center has been one of the leading centers of Psychosynthesis education and training in North America for the past 40 years. Susan Jewkes Allen, the director and is affiliated with the Institute for Psychosynthesis in Italy, as well as working closely with the Synthesis Center.

Dorothy Firman co-leads the Distance Learning.

Psychosynthesis institute florence italy
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