Regional economic cooperation

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Regional Economic Communities

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Economic Cooperation Organization

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Regional Economic Cooperation

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The Economic Cooperation Organization or ECO is a Eurasian political and economic intergovernmental organization which was founded in in Tehran by the leaders of Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. It provides a platform to discuss ways to improve development and.

Regional Economic Communities

Reducing the barriers to trade and expanding global and regional cooperation have functioned as flatteners in an increasingly flat world. Section "International Economic Cooperation among Nations" and Section "Regional Economic Integration" review the specific economic agreements governing global and regional trade—the successes.

The Regional Economic Communities (RECs) Other regional cooperation structures not necessarily focused on economic integration also have some overlapping authority, including: peace and security agreements, such as the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.

Regional Economic Cooperation among developing countries is generally considered as to make an important contribution toward their economic development.

Regional economic cooperation and integration in Asia

The rationale for Regional Economic Cooperation is based on numerous factors (Raghavan, ). The First Coordination Council Meeting under the Chabahar Agreement held in Tehran.

The First Meeting of the Coordination Council between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Republic of India under the Chabahar Agreement was held on October 23, in Tehran, Iran/5(18). The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program seeks to expand trade by modernizing customs processes and border crossing, helping all CAREC member countries join the World Trade Organization, and building countries’ capacity in trade and trade policy.

Regional economic cooperation
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Chapter 2: Regional Economic Cooperation