Temporary assignments

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Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments

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Temporary Work Assignments

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Latest selection of temporary assignments. If you are unemployed and have a degree of flexibility you can benefit from considering temporary work. Temporary Duty Assignments (TDY) Temporary Duty with the Commissioned Corps of the U.S.

Public Health Service. Temporary duty (TDY) is duty at one or more locations, away from the permanent duty station (PDS), under orders providing for further assignment, or pending further assignment, to return to the old PDS or to proceed to a new PDS.

An assignment or job that is initially temporary may become indefinite due to changed circumstances. A series of assignments to the same location, all for short periods but that together cover a long period, may be considered an indefinite assignment. Temporary duty assignments usually come with per diem pay, covering lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

Many employees value the per diem aspect of a TDA, since that money is guaranteed, even if they spend less than their allotted daily value.

Temporary work

Performance appraisals for temporary assignments for IR payband employees that involve movement out of the payband for an extended period require special considerations since the employee’s performance as reflected in the performance appraisal has significant impact on the employee’s pay.

SHRA temporary employees are eligible for assignment extension, when it is determined: The employment period has not exceed twelve consecutive months, There is a demonstrated business need for temporary staff, and.

Temporary assignments
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Entering Temporary Assignments