Transaction exposure

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Transaction Exposure, an exchange rate risk

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Translation Exposure

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Transaction exposure is the degree to which the value of future cash transactions can be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. The value of a firm’s future contractual transactions in foreign currencies is affected by exchange rate movements. The. International Financial Management Chapter Theme A primary objective of the chapter is to provide an overview of hedging techniques.

Yet, transaction exposure cannot always be hedged in all cases. Transaction exposure is the potential for a gain or loss in contracted-for near term cash flows caused by a foreign exchange rate-induced change in the value of amounts due to the multinational 2 companies or amounts that the multinational companies owes to other parties.

Transaction exposure, the focus of the current work, represents the risk of alternating value of certain, committed future cash flows by volatility in FX rates (Döhring, 2). It represents obligations incurred prior to the change in FX rates but with a settlement. Transaction exposure can also be hedged by lending and borrowing in the domestic and foreign money markets.

Foreign exchange risk

Generally speaking, the firm may borrow (lend) in for. Transaction exposure is the risk of loss from a change in exchange rates during the course of a business transaction.

This exposure is derived from changes in foreign exchange rates between the dates when a transaction is booked and when it is settled.

For example, a company in the Unit.

Transaction exposure
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International Finance Transaction Exposure