Write a character sketch of shylock

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Character Sketch Of Shylock

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The Merchant of Venice

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Can you write a character sketch of Shylock?

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Shylock is a character in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. A Venetian Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the play's principal antagonist.

His defeat and conversion to Christianity forms the climax of the story. Shylock is a character in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice.A Venetian Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the play's principal antagonist. His defeat and conversion to Christianity form the climax of the story.

Shylock was a merchant living in a Christian city as Antonio. he was jealous of Antonio as everybody came to Antonio for loans and Shylock was a greedy, revenge full man.

one day, there was a wedding of Antonio friend but his ships were not there so Antonio went to Shylock and said you have to pay back money with interest. then Shylock said if.

Jun 22,  · shylock is being portrayed as a victim of prejudice in act 1, scene 3. "signor anotonio, many a time and oft / in the riato you have rated me / about my monies and usances.". Shylock is an example of immortality and depravity. He was a Venetian Jewish moneylender who is portrayed as a bloodthirsty bogeyman, a clownish Jewish stereotype, a rancorous and greedy miser and a villain with smiling cheek in the play, Merchant of Venice.

He is the play’s principal antagonist. I can answer this.

How to Write a Character Sketch

I had Merchant of Venice in my 10th board. Bassanio was a gentleman of Venice. jkaireland.com is Antonio's dear friend. Bassanio's love for Antonio is profound.

Write a character sketch of shylock
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