Writing an nginx module

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Emiller’s Guide To Nginx Module Development

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Emiller’s Advanced Topics In Nginx Module Development

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Nginx: Show active connections

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Writing Documentation

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Writing Nginx Modules 1. NginxNginx ModuleModule DevelopmentDevelopment Marian MarinovMarian Marinov [email protected]@jkaireland.com Chief System ArchitectChief System Architect Head of the DevOps departmentHead of the DevOps department. At the time of writing, Lua is the most popular of these; it’s available as a module for NGINX and a certified third‑party module for NGINX Plus.

The Lua module and add‑on libraries provide deep integration with the NGINX core and a rich set of functionality, including a driver for Redis.

NGINX Tutorial: Developing Modules

NGINX has a module called HttpStubStatusModule which provides you statistics about number of requests handled and connections made to your nginx server.

Today I got a few minutes over and I decided it was time to test it on one of my Virtual Private Servers. passenger-install-nginx-module. With access to the system, a user could plant a symlink in /tmp that resulted in a chosen-file overwrite attempt whenever passenger-install-nginx-module was run, using the access rights of the executing user.

Module, where we will learn to write our own Nginx module. Using the Lua API for Nginx, you can communicate with upstream servers in a non-blocking manner in your Lua script.

Emiller’s Guide To Nginx Module Development

The Lua VM is shared across all the requests handled by a single Nginx worker process to minimize memory usage.

Writing an nginx module
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